We’ll schedule an initial consultation to talk about your business and identify your goals while identifying the roadblocks you’re encountering in achieving them. We’ll then set up a customized plan to work together on. A business assessment will help highlight areas where your organization is strong and areas that may require attention.


Business on a Mission

The Business on a Mission Framework is designed to be simple enough that it’s memorable. When a company’s mission statement and guiding principles are simple and memorable they are more likely to be acted on and the mission is more likely to be completed.

Business on a Mission’s framework Includes:

✔ A mission statement using the formula: We will accomplish X by X because of X • Key characteristics necessary for every member of the team

✔ Critical actions each team member needs to take to accomplish the mission

✔ A story pitch that invites team members into a story

✔ A theme that helps the team know why the mission matters

When your client creates their mission statement and guiding principles they get:

✔ Full alignment for their team which leads to greater productivity and less wasted energy

✔ Clarity about what characteristics they need on a team and a better understanding of the types of people they want to hire

✔ Narrative traction — they will invite their team into a meaningful story

✔ Decreased turnover — when teams have clarity about the mission, they tend to stick around


One-day workshop for your team that will guide everyone through creating their own life plan, a personal/professional goal setting framework and guide them through daily planning exercises.

The reason to create a life plan as a business owner or leader is because when the business flows out of a person’s life mission, work feels less like work and more like a passion. The same is true for team members.

Creating a life plan and using a productivity system will also prevent burnout.

The Hero on a Mission Life Plan will help provide a greater sense of purpose and meaning in life. When you or your team create a Hero on a Mission Life Plan, you will:

✔ Clarify your life mission

✔ Set a ten-year vision, five-year vision, and one-year vision for your life

✔ Use a goal-setting worksheet to clarify your goals,

✔ Learn to use a daily planner that will keep you focused and help you to live a great story.

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